James M. Lema


James has been working for Corzo in many capacities since 1986. His weekends and summers were spent working with his father Manny. Under his father’s guidance, James learned all aspects of heavy construction from the bottom up.  His father’s mentorship focused on the entire business, including project management and contract administration. Over the years as an apprentice to his father, James developed a strong work ethic and excellent management, analytical and problem- solving skills. Under his leadership, James established expertise in estimating, budgeting, purchasing, work-site safety, bidding, installation of sewer systems, placement of all types of manholes, installation of underground conduit for fiber optic cables and standard phone cables, as well as the restoration of city streets, sidewalks and curbs. He now brings these skills to the company’s customers with his thirty-six plus years of professional construction and management experience.

Barbara Panariello

Vice President of Operations

Barbara has been working for Corzo since 1986 and is the second executive in command.  She is responsible for a variety of job duties, along with a goal of positively impacting Corzo’s bottom line. In managing everyday operations, Barbara sets strategic goals, supervises and motivates staff, all while implementing organizational policies. She plans, directs and coordinates operations in support of Corzo’s growth. She also manages daily operations of personnel and purchasing. Barbara’s responsibilities assure that contractual and other commitments are kept, and that the company complies with approved policies, procedures and ethical standards as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

Rose Lema – Medina

Treasurer / Executive Administrator

Rose has been working for Corzo since 1986 and came onboard full time in 2004. She has an extraordinary work ethic, is extremely responsible and very professional. Her main responsibility is inputting the time sheet and unit item information associated with billing or invoicing Verizon’s work orders into the Verizon C-Track System, as instructed by Verizon. Rose also oversees: banking, scheduling EFT’s, organizing the necessary paperwork needed for review, maintaining a written log of all weekly payroll wages, taxes and tax payments for Corzo’s bookkeeper and accountant. She also prepares quarterly reports, schedules appointments, travel arrangements, meetings and maintains office files.

Cynthia D. Jimenez

Office Manager, Plainview

Cindy was hired in March 1998 as an administrative assistant to the president and is now the office manager in our Plainview office. She brought along with her, a wealth of experience from companies such as: Palmer Cablevision Inc., Telesat Cablevision and Boran Craig and Barber Construction Co., Inc., out of Florida and Chartwell Leisure, NY. Her experience included considerable knowledge of accounting, project management, computer programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and QuickBooks. She is fluent in Spanish and her professionalism and personable nature has made it very easy for her to deal with others, both inside and outside the office. She has a superior work ethic and is a formidable team player who is an asset to our company.

Adiel Peraza

Office and field operations manager, Brooklyn

Adiel was hired in June 2017 as an office employee in Corzo’s Brooklyn office. Adiel spent his childhood weekends coming with his dad, Corzo’s foreman Samuel Peraza, to the Brooklyn Field Office. Adiel had a passion for construction and was mentored under the guidance and direction of James. Adiel joined Corzo’s management team in 2017, as the Office Manager of the Brooklyn Field Office. Adiel oversees daily jobs to make sure all provisions are being met as well as schedules timelines ensuring all deadlines are met.  He pre-surveys job sites and engineers the layout of the jobs prior to the start of the job. His positive and encouraging attitude at Corzo plays a vital role in increasing productivity and  performance in his daily office/yard duties. Adiel’s excellent work ethic, commitment to safety in the workplace and his ability to make decisions on his own make him an integral part of Corzo’s management team.